Skyline IFE is delighted to announce their recent acquisition of the award-winning French language movie ‘Alice and the Mayor’ which will be available for in-flight entertainment from January 2020.

Richard Barsby, managing director of Skyline IFE, explains the background to their acquisition and why having ‘Alice and The Mayor’ onboard will mean airline passengers are in for a treat.

“We were first introduced to the script for Alice and the Mayor during a trip to Paris in January 2019 and having heard the different and fascinating storyline we were looking forward to viewing the release screening in Cannes in May 2019. This surpassed our expectations so we were very pleased to be able to negotiate purchase.

‘Alice and the Mayor’ tells a story of growing self-doubt and highlights how even successful people can still benefit from reassurance, support and a positive sense of direction. Whether or not such support should be sought from a young philosopher is left up to you to decide. The gentle flow and dialogue provides a relaxing viewing experience where we are all reminded of our vulnerabilities in a way that we can relate to. Alice and the Mayor is an inspiring journey which can’t fail to also inspire airline passengers on their journey.

To place an advance order, please contact now and we’ll do all the rest.

Then invite your passengers to relax, sit back and enjoy, as part of your on-board 2020 movie schedule.

Skyline IFE is a distributor of independent European films to the worldwide airline market and has over 400 expertly selected films in its growing library, including many award winning titles.